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We provide wellness service for each individual that best suit them for their personal development. Our expertise and dedication in this field for many years speaks for itself. Our renowned and experienced counsellors, psychics, healers, astrologers, palmist ~ are here to help you and to bring clarity into your lives.

Sacred Space is about identifying our own sacredness within ourselves. We believe in creating a balance ~ health, physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

Dedicated in bringing the best products that work, we specialise in white sage, smudge sticks, singing bowls, tuners, space sprays, yantras,shaligrams, rudrakshas, energized candles, specialized incense etc.

Simply discover how positive energy can change your life for the better !

sacred space - the essence of infinite reconnection.

  • Hi, remember i bought rudraksha for my children from you, for my teenage daughter and son with autism, both are doing find. My daughter seems to be more positve and did alright in her exams. Thank you sooo much.


  • The 19mukhi I got from you really worked. The obstacle in my career vanished like it was never there. And I got promoted. Thank you.


  • Ms Maini, thank you for the recommendation and guidance. I can feel the difference. Your dedication and integrity is appreciated.

    Jb Kukkri

  • Hi I want to come and buy some 10 faces tomorrow to make a bracelet. The 12mukhi bracelet energy is very good.


  • Hi Rag, I like coming to Sacred Space and I know I can trust the people you work with.


  • Hi Ms, Sattiyan here, I feel awesome wearing the rudraksha, calm and focused.


  • Thank you ! It's strange but yes I just feel more uplifted and positive even if there are still challenges. I also wear it when I have my periods, i feel not so temperamental.


  • So far the 4 face and 11 face plus labradorite work well. Thanks for recommending the rudrakshas.


  • Set intention and spoke to my mala before donning it this morning. It's been amazing so far. Feeling very light headed! In a good way of couse ... Hahaha ... Tried the water with rudraksha, def can feel the strong energy. Thank you for being part of my journey ... Pranams


  • Hi, missed you this time when I popped into your store today. I came to top up the White Sage Spray and Sage. It has been working well on the blockages I feel in my home. Also I got the 8mukhi and hope that will also help me in my career. Cheers


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