Personal Healing ~ 90mins @ S$280

Mira has been working as an Energy Healer and for over 14years. From an early age she has felt how energy flows and how it gets blocked. Through her psychic abilities, Mira is able to feel the problems from the past and present through this lifetime and many lifetimes and is able to pinpoint any issues within the client's DNA structure.

In the healing process, Mira enters into a meditative state to help heal your body and mind. Memories ( both known and unknown ) of past lives with negative emotions can block your chakras and consciousness causing pain, illnesse, obstacles and difficulties and she works to correct these imbalances that she sees. She works on healing your present, past and past lives, releasing negative energy, emotions and memories you might have accumulated over the years.

The quicker the energy vibration is raised, the quicker the old energy is released. It will enable you to release old patterns and create positive changes. Mira also through higher vibrational energy of unconditional love and gratitude, helps to change energy on the genetic level which is linked to the past and past life. When this energies change, our action will also change into positive.

Some clients receive messages from loved-ones whom have passed away or from their higher-self. Mira sometimes heals your ancestors and will pass you their messages with love and compassion. At the end of the session she will share information which she witnessed during the healing session. In each session Mira incorporates the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls.

About Mira
Mira is from the beautiful and spiritual land of Japan and has been very sensitive to energy at a young age, She has the blessings of many spiritual masters and has mastered meditation at a very deep level. In her early twenties while in a deep state of meditation, she received the blessings and a message from the divine source, stating "things will happen as you think, and you will know the future" thus her journey into spiritual healing began. A highly gifted musician and creative fashion designer, Mira also custom makes and designs jewellery which has been specially energized with positive energy.

Reservation necessary. Please call or wa 8811 2023 for bookings.

The information and services on this website should not be considered medical advice, and it is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any illness, or to be a substitute for professional medical advice

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